About Epic Engraving

About Epic Engraving

Angela McIntyre

Angela has been at Epic since 2017. She looks after a lot of the behind the scenes engraving and preparing of orders.

Pollie Hewett

Pollie has been at epic since 2017.   She looks after the sublimation and trophy orders. Polly does some of the design and set up work, you can contact her at: Design@epicengraving.co.nz

Lisa Davey – Accounts

Lisa Davey – Accounts

Lisa has been with us since the start and is the person who is in charge of the accounts at Epic Engraving.   Accounts@epicengraving.co.nz

Alex Perkins -Manager / Engraver

Alex Perkins -Manager / Engraver

Alex has been working in the trophy and engraving industry for over 20 years and is highly experienced. Alex has a good knowledge of the wide range of materials and machinery. Sales@epicengraving.co.nz

Machine Specifications

Universal Laser V-460

Max size flat 450mm x 600mm in one pass (or 900mm x 600mm in two passes Max size cylinder 150mm diameter and 400mm long Max height 200mm Used for virtually everything except deep engraving metals.

Gravograph IS800

Max size 200mm x 200mm Max height 50mm Used for Deep engraving and cutting brass, copper and aluminium.

Newinghall NH-600

Max size 750mm x 3,000mm Max height 20mm Used for router engraving plastics, woods and brass/ aluminium.

Pantograph TXL

Max size flat 250mm x 250mm Max size cylinder 200mm x 300 long Max height 150mm Used for name and date engraving on silver cups and trophy plates, also used for deep engraving some odd shaped plastics and metals.

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