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At Epic Engraving we can produce a wide variety of name badges to suit your requirements.

We can print on a number of materials and can make them any size that you like.

We can personalise your badge by including your logo. There is also a variety of backings for them including magnets and pin fasteners.

We can also apply a glossy resin costing if required.
At Epic Engraving we pride ourselves on having cost effective options to suit your budget while providing you with the best quality name badges.

We also have no minimum quantity requirements.

Sublimated name badges

These badges consist of a metal plate which has an ink sublimated coating on it, which is placed into a plastic backer, with a pin (or magnet if you prefer for an additional cost) attached to the back.

The metal plate can be fully coloured and can have your logo on it.

Gold, Silver and White plates are available.


Plastic name badges

These badges are plastic which is engraved in our laser and is cut to the size you require. A pin (or magnet if you prefer for an additional cost) is attached to the back of them. They are available in a range of colour options. Although we can put logos onto the badges they can only be in the colour of the material used.



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