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Wooden plaques are a great idea for rewarding excellence in many situations, especially for corporate, schools or sports teams.

Epic Engraving can produce a variety of plaques, with many colours and sizes to suit your requirements.

We can either laser etch into a wooden plaque, or attach a sublimated metal plate onto a wooden plaque.

The later option can include a full colour logo or picture, as well as any text that you require.

Metal Plate on Plaque

The metal plate on this plaque is gold, but can also come in  silver, bronze, or white, and can be printed with your logo or a picture.

It can be personalised with names, dates, individual awards – anything to suit your requirements.

Laser Engraved Wood Plaque

The Laser vaporizes the surface of the timber leaving a hollow where it has been engraved. The depth of the engraving varies with each type of timber. Natural timbers will have a stightly uneven depth of engraving, caused by the grain/ knots that are in the timber.
The colour of the engraving will vary with the different timber, a light coloured timber will show a darker engraving than is visible on a darker coloured timber. The laser beam leaves straight cut edges to engraving and cutting in timber. We are unable to provide colour in logos etc so engraving is left with a natural wooden look.

Plaque Colour Options

You can choose from a variety of colours and styles to suit your requirements. From the more cost effective veneer plaques to the beautiful, natural native timber plaques – there is something for everyone.

Below is a picture of some of the plaques we can supply in:
Black marble veneer, Wood grain veneer, Walnut veneer, Solid Wood, Native Timber

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